mama mondays: recital take two

Tomorrow, I’ll be buzzing around in preparation for a trip to Minnesota to talk to students about the writing process. In the name of time and all that I have yet to do prior to departure, I’m posting early, a re-post from this time last year with the fresh addition of a video from today’s piano recital (Area Voices readers will have to pop over to Blogger, here ,to view the video).

May your week be filled with sweet music!

Peace Garden Mama

Daughterly Duet

This morning, you could not agree.
She said coffee, you said tea.
She said purple, you said green.
She said you and you said me.
Now, ebony and ivory
Have wooed you here so playfully.
Side by side, knee to knee,
Your hands along the pretty keys
Glide in perfect harmony
Bonding you in unity
Maybe for eternity.
(We’ll see…)