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   Mar 27

Our book in England, the fidelity of priests

This is exciting! I hope you’ll stop by Peace Garden Passage today to learn more. Here’s a  teaser:

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   Mar 25

Watering schedule refresh

It has something to do with flower pots, and watering schedules… see here!

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   Mar 23

About that about…

I was busy tidying up a room this weekend. Well, not an actual room. But a “room” on my website.  The “About” room to be precise: Come over to Peace Garden Passage and see more!

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   Mar 20

Catching you all up!

I’m so sorry to leave you hanging! Okay, it’s not like anyone was waiting around. But maybe a reader or two missed me, or wondered why I’d gotten so slack on posting. The truth of the matter is that I’m busy doing some spring cleaning. It is the first day of spring, right? So it […]

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   Mar 04

writing wednesdays: the buzz on our book

There aren’t too many greater thrills in life than sharing the work of your heart with a friend, especially a friend of the heart. I’ll write more on that soon, but today, I want to call your attention to something else. Shhh, do you hear that? It’s the buzz about our book! I don’t want […]

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   Mar 02

meaningful mondays: so much sorrow

I hesitate writing posts like this, and yet by not doing so, by only writing about the joys — and there are many — I fear I might somehow miss reaching someone, or come across as unauthentic. There comes a time, and Lent seems fitting for it, to show that along with all of the […]

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   Feb 27

faith & family fridays: ‘redeemed by grace’ sightings

Seems every time I turn around, another one is turning up. Here’s one of the first sightings of our “Redeemed by Grace” book. It’s only been out a little more than a week now but the pre-orders helped get this story flying into the hands of those eager to hear how God moved the heart […]

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   Feb 25

writing wednesdays: best part of my week so far

I’m in love. That’s all there is to it. Well, wouldn’t you be too if you found out you were an auntie to this little sweetheart??!! Auntie, not by blood, but by spirit. I can’t wait to share more about this honey bunch, but you’ll have to go here to find out!

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   Feb 23

meaningful mondays: a little vase of something fun to come + a soup story

I’m just a little excited about something. Hint: It’s green and yellow and warms my heart. Only I can’t say exactly where this will be, or what will come with it. BUT…I think those who have been faithful followers of Peace Garden Mama and Peace Garden Writer, or even just plain old friends with little […]

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   Feb 20

faith & family fridays: surprise! a song for our book!

I still remember how I learned about the song. “I have something to share with you,” Ramona wrote in a text. “Do you have a minute?” Soon, we were talking by phone and she told me about the song she and her daughter Lorena had written together; a song that was linked to the book […]

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