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   Jul 01

When to speak, when to go silent

It’s something to think about… I pontificate on whether to keep up the chatter or hush up today on Peace Garden Passage. C’mon over!

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   Jun 26

Grandma’s 101st, my conflicted heart

Yes, she’s been around that long. There was reason to celebrate. And yet, something wasn’t quite right. Something was missing. I share more about my conflicted heart surrounding Grandma at Peace Garden Passage today…

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   Jun 24

Coming right up: Philly, the pope and me

I’d pretty much given up hope on the possibility of this adventure, but late last week, the call came, letting me know that all would come through after all, and I would have a chance to attend the World Meeting of Families — the annual event that, this year in Philly, would include a visit […]

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   Jun 19

The real reason I’m still Catholic (A tribute to Dad)

There are many reasons, but I’d say this is one of the biggest. I’ve got a lot more over at Peace Garden Passage today. And if you’ve ever been to the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Mandan, ND, or even if you haven’t, I think you’ll enjoy the visual tour, at the very least. See you […]

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   Jun 17

Holy surprise: Patti on ‘Fox and Friends’ and our divinely planned coffee date

You won’t believe what happened when my friend Patti and I, who have 15 kids between us, tried to plan a coffee date. Here’s a hint, from her husband Mark’s computer screen screen-shot image: I loved writing about this whirlwind of a day. Come on over to Peace Garden Passage today for the rest of […]

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   Jun 12

A home that holds part of my past

So many memories in this place, and so much interest from those I don’t know. For me, it was all about the love inside. I’ve got a little more about this home that will always be special to me, and our whole family, over on Peace Garden Passage today. Please, come over and knock on […]

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   Jun 10

‘I couldn’t un-see them’

The words have haunted me, but in a very good way; a way that brings so much hope. I’m pondering and pontificating on these four words today on Peace Garden Passage. Come on over!

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   Jun 05

Splashing in puddles

Hey, want to join us? It’s pretty fun! Well, maybe mine is just proverbial puddle-splashing, but it’s still beats the alternative! Come jump in at Peace Garden Passage!

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   Jun 03

One to harbor, one to protect

The visual I share today is something everyone in our community and beyond deserves to be privy to. I hope you’ll take a moment to learn what I have learned on the sidewalk Downtown Fargo these past months: You’ll find more at Peace Garden Passage!

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   May 29

How much do you trust me?

I know it’s a strange question, especially since I am a stranger to some of you. Let me just say that I have never, in all my years of blogging (since 2008) asked for anything like this, and yet, the time has come, and I pray that my plea will be fruitful. Here’s a hint […]

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