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   Aug 26

Shifting the conversation of a nation through video

The device to produce it can be quite small, but the video that results can and has been leading to a complete shift in the collective conversation of millions. How has video changed a conversation in our midst and beyond? Find more on Peace Garden Passage today.

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   Aug 21

Fifty years ago today…a spark

In a sense, my life started here… It’s a special day and I’d love to share a little more. My streamlining efforts lead you to Peace Garden Passage, where I’m happy to reveal a little more.

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   Aug 19

Surprise: getting religion writing right

I had something kind of fun – and very surprising – happen to me recently. It has something to do with this: The details are on the blog where I spend most of my hanging out time, but I’d be happy to have you visit Peace Garden Passage to catch it all. Peace be with […]

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   Aug 14

Family vacation at Duck Lake

It was memorable, with not much in the way of obligation but to just be. One of my favorite kind of vacations. Won’t you enjoy it, too, at Peace Garden Passage today?

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   Aug 12

Dolls from Dad: A gift from heaven

It’s a sweet little story, and I feel honored to have a chance to share it with you. If you don’t mind hopping over to Peace Garden Passage, I’d be much obliged!

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   Aug 07

Banquet in a field 2015: Celebrating abundance

It was another beautiful evening, almost like a fairytale… You’ve got to come over to Peace Garden Passage and see!

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   Aug 05

Can babies save their mamas?

Yes, is the short answer! Here’s more on Peace Garden Passage today!

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   Jul 31

Lions and babies and ice cream, on my!

My heart is heavy, but my sweet tooth? Still engaged. Ice cream can help heal a broken heart, I’ve been reminded. More on Peace Garden Passage today…

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   Jul 29

‘What about all those starving children?’

Good question, and one that deserves an attempt at an answer, I think. Mine is over at Peace Garden Passage today….

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   Jul 24

God’s sweet consolation

God really is a very good and loving God. I was reminded of that recently during a visit to Stillwater with some friends. Sweet consolation indeed. I hope your visit to Peace Garden Passage today will bring a little of this loveliness to you…

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