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   Jul 21

meaningful mondays: farewell to an irish blessing

I didn’t know Fr. Peter Hughes well — not as well as some in my life.  I would see him at gatherings here and there during the years he served here, and I knew more than a few people who held him beloved. Then one day in 2011, I was given the honor of writing [...]

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   Jul 18

faith & family fridays: Jesus’ grandparents

When people ask the name of our parish, and I answer, many scratch their heads. “Who are Sts. Anne and Joachim?” When I tell them they are Jesus’ grandparents, I often get even more befuddled looks. What’s so interesting to me is the fact that despite the Christian belief that Jesus was truly and fully [...]

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   Jul 16

writing wednesdays: pondering pen on paper

It’s nearly obsolete yet carries so much power. What will happen when it goes away forever? This week, I explore the humanity in our handwriting at Peace Garden Writer. Claim your humanity and head on over there if you can!

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   Jul 14

meaningful mondays: forever friend

Even back in college, she was always looking for beautiful things to adorn her world. So it doesn’t surprise me when I go to visit my dear friend from those years when the mounds of evidence show that nothing has much changed, for the good. The special touches began showing up the minute we pulled [...]

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   Jul 09

writing wednesdays: night at the museum

Wait now, what’s this all about? Did you really spend a night at the museum? Well, no, but I was the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where “the movie” took place, several months ago, and this post has been simmering ever since. It should make you smile, but the only way to [...]

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   Jul 07

meaningful mondays: sparkles and sparklers

This year, I only had my phone camera to help me, but for some reason I just love trying to capture the sparkles of July 4. This year, I pulled in my photo editor to help me make a little Fourth magic. Just for fun. Pop! Sizzle! Bang! Oooh! Ahhhh! More than anything I love [...]

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   Jul 03

faith & family fridays: ‘God Alone’

I’d only been returned from my trip South for about ten minutes when I saw the usual stack of mail that awaits a homecoming, including the package, a review copy of a book, I quickly and correctly assumed. As an occasional reviewer and radio host, I’m on several mailing lists to receive books of faith [...]

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   Jul 02

writing wednesdays: the horse that won’t surrender

There’s this horse I know, and some think he’s a dead horse. But me? I haven’t given up on him just yet. You want to check on that horse, see for yourself? He’s just over yonder at Peace Garden Writer today!

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   Jun 30

Finding Flannery: The Ride to Lou’-uh-vul

God found a way to ease me back into home life from my adventure in the South, though it was hard peeling away from those rolling hills. It helped when my extended family in Kentucky gathered for a home-cooked meal at Cracker Barrel — one looking just like the restaurant in Bismarck, N.D., where the [...]

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   Jun 27

Finding Flannery Days 6/7: The Cats Came First

My promise to post every day of our Flannery adventure was thwarted by staying at a monastery that lacked a proper Internet connection. So I apologize for lack of proper follow-through. But sometimes, as Flannery well knew, you just surrender. After this short catch-up post, the rest of what I will share in this series [...]

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