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   Nov 26

writing wednesdays: why did the turkey stand in the corner?

Because he relished his alone time, of course! Well, don’t you? This turkey’s got a lot more to say about carving out time to himself (no pun intended, honest!). Head on over to Peace Garden Writer for a gander, gobble gobble.

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   Nov 24

meaningful mondays: our extra-special 23rd anniversary with the timberwolves

This weekend, we celebrated our wedding anniversary…with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a special one – 23 years on the 23rd – so merited a special celebration. Our trip to Minneapolis definitely felt special. Through my husband’s work, we were offered the chance at courtside seats. I doubt this will ever happen again in our [...]

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   Nov 21

faith & family fridays: a pause can change the world

It’s the simplest thing, really, and yet often hard to do it seems. The pause. It all comes down to this, I’m realizing. As in, our life depends on it. Our salvation depends on it. The flourishing of humanity depends on it. Let me explain. Without morality, our world would crumble in an instant. We [...]

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   Nov 19

writing wednesdays: following fiat

Yes, that’s right, but not like the car. No, not that. This is the Fiat I’m talking about. You can follow Fiat, too. Just swim on over to Peace Garden Writer and take a little dip!  

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   Nov 17

meaningful mondays: school family dance!

For 13 years now we’ve been gathering canned goods each November to gain entrance into our elementary school’s fall family dance. It’s always very noisy and energy filled. The kids come dressed in themed attired. This year’s theme? Neon! My son and his friend came equipped with neon goggles thanks to Joey’s mama. They danced [...]

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   Nov 14

faith & family fridays: if bible alone, which one?

I have to start this post with an admission. I didn’t understand during my childhood or even teen years one of the major dividing points between Catholics and Protestants; the Protestant doctrine of “sola scriptura,” or “Bible only.” The short explanation of the doctrine, at least how I understand it, is that everything we can [...]

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   Nov 10

meaningful mondays: party hopper!

The older I get, the more I appreciate weekends at home, hunkering down with a book or just taking a breather and catching up. But every once in a while a weekend comes along with a host of possible social events, and in the case of this last one, four came in the course of [...]

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   Nov 07

faith & family fridays: my part-time ministry: lunching with friends

I’m finally going to call it what it is: a ministry. Boy that feels good! For years, I’ve not been giving it its due, but more and more, I am seeing the truth of it, this lunching with friends that I do so frequently. Thursday’s lunch, Scratch Deli, Fargo (w/extra cookie for son at home) [...]

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   Nov 03

meaningful mondays: pope bill merhkens, mentor and friend

My dear friend and longtime spiritual mentor, Fr. Bill Mehrkens, is “91-plus” now, as he told my daughter and me this past weekend during our visit to his retirement home in Bemidji, Minn. We drove two and a half hours each way to see this sweet man for about half as many hours. More driving [...]

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   Oct 31

faith & family fridays: abortion, haircuts and heroes

I was going to write about Halloween today. I typically do that this time of year, and it was perfect, with Halloween landing on a Friday and all. I had some really neat stuff to share about the origins of the holy days that started the whole thing off and the roots of some of [...]

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