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   Dec 18

writing wednesdays: what words can do – a christmas gift

One of my favorite Christmas gifts arrived in the mail the other day — totally unexpected. What could it have been?

Open the envelope over on Peace Garden Writer today!

A week from today is the day! Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Bob Roggenkamp says:

    The most important and lasting gifts are the gifts of pleasant memories, friendships, and kind words. Money cannot buy these things and things cannot give us happiness. Let’s try to make the whole year into a time of appreciation and thanksgiving for the important and yet simple blessings we receive from Christ through others. We really do appreciate your thought provoking words. Help us pray for the peace that only God can give us.


    • Profile photo of roxane s. roxane s. says:

      I love your responses to my posts, Bob. They add even more meaning to what I share. Thanks for your affirmation and also, your unique contributions through your own words. God bless you!

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