meaningful mondays: o holy night and birthday boy (18)

Last night was our high school’s annual Christmas concert, with a second performance tonight.

When our kids were younger, I dreamed of the day they might, possibly, just maybe, be in choir. Music has been a precious part of my own life, and though I never want to live through my children, what parent who has discovered something as magical and mystical as being part of a musical ensemble hasn’t hoped their children might have a chance at something like this, too?

We are living those days now, and I am in heaven. It feels like coming home in so many ways, since my husband and I met in choir our first years of college. Life then was so much about finding ways to keep music a life-giving part of our everyday. Did I know I was in the middle of something amazing? Yes, I did. I appreciated it then and choral music still takes up a lot of space in my heart.

Especially at Christmas time. To me, this is Christmas…snowflakes, warm drinks, tinsel, lights shining on pine needles, and music…oh, the music! Of course, it’s about so much more, but this is the ambiance of Christmas.

And to top it all off, the choir sang one of my favorites: “O Holy Night.” I sang the solo for this one year, as a young adult, and I will never forget that night. I was blessed by this version as well.

O Holy Night by Shanley High School Chorale (listen in!)

We are moving into the center of this season, and I feel good about it all, despite not being “ready.” No, I don’t have all the preparations in line, but I am becoming ready, and I feel blessed.

Today, our oldest turns 18! Wow! When did our little December baby find his way to 18?

Now, he’s a adult-sized guy, finishing his senior year, working hard at his first job.

We know that in many ways, our adventures are just beginning, and we look forward to seeing what’s next for this guy and for all of us as he leads the birdies into flight from the nest.

As he’s blowing out his candles, we’ll be lighting the pink one on our Advent wreath. Yes, it’s time to get serious about what’s coming. Here’s wishing you a very blessed last full week before Christmas!

2 thoughts on “meaningful mondays: o holy night and birthday boy (18)”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! I suspect you are a reader and if you haven’t already had a chance to read ” The Catechism of Hockey” by Alyssa Bormes it is an easy and enlightening read sure to inform and delight the reader. Cherish your children and teach them well, they will be your legacy.

    God Bless
    Bob & Mary

    1. Greetings, Bob. Yes, I’m a reader. Thanks for the title suggestion. I’ll look into it! Thanks, too, for the reminder that this isn’t a small matter, the bringing up of our kids, and that it has eternal implications. That’s both a little daunting and beautiful at the same time! A blessed Christmas and New Year to you too!

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