meaningful mondays: sweet 16

It’s truer than anyone can ever believe, the old cliche, “It goes by so quickly.”

Indeed it does. My first baby daughter is 16 today. I can recall so easily the beautiful fall day when she came into our world. I was smitten, taken by her pretty face. I dressed her in pink. I couldn’t believe I had been so blessed to have a son and now a daughter, too.

Even though I knew it really didn’t matter, there was a part of me that was instantly filled up — a part of my own girlness that was deeply grateful for the chance to do the girl thing all over again.

I cannot say that I wish it were any different than it has been. Oh, there have been days I’ve wanted to pull my hair out over having two other females in the house and what that can do to the atmospheric pressure of a place.

But honestly, I wouldn’t not give up one day of having any of my kids in my life, including this precious soul.

God has smiled down on me through the people He’s placed in my life. When I am away from my children in particular, I feel like a part of my soul has been severed. I can function just fine, but I know that until I’m home again, until I’m with my family, something isn’t whole.

And today’s the day to celebrate her, this sweet one who has always been about style.

Yes, now I’m asking her for beauty tips.

I see so much good in her future. She’s got such a great heart to go along with her gifts, her big spirit. God willing, I’ll have a chance to mother her into her own mothering years.

For now, I’m remembering, cherishing, doing my best to love her while she’s near.