meaningful mondays: in honor of my mother’s laboring

Forty-five years ago today, my mother labored like nobody else on Labor Day, and her efforts produced her second of two children, a daughter she and my father named Roxane Marie…

On my baptism day, September 12, 1968, with Mom, Dad and Camille

…Roxane after the heroine in “Cyrano de Bergerac.”

I came into the world in the blessed shadow of my older sister, who has guided me in so many ways throughout my life, into the arms of two teachers who had fallen in love one summer while working near each other at the North Dakota capitol.

From the start, I hungered for words and books!

Here, I’m warming the lap of my great-grandmother, Roxie Belle “Dolly” Dietrich Byrne, absorbing in some way I’m sure her love of music, which would someday become such a vital part of my life, too.

It’s been an interesting life as I’ve come closer and closer to discovering my true self, sometimes with help and a lift from others.

I’ve experienced my share of bumps and bruises, but all around, it’s been a good run so far.

And I have to say, I don’t mind the thought that I’m about halfway through my life at this point. I know that’s optimistic and any day I might find that my road has come to a T, but until I’ve gotten some kind of indication otherwise, I’m pushing forward with as much vigor as possible.

But life wouldn’t be anywhere near as amazing as it has been without the beautiful people who have enlivened my life. Thank you for the ways, large and small, you bless me. I am filled with gratitude!