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   May 27

memorable mondays: another teen makes three

First, I just have to say…I LOVE SPRING! Look at the crabapple tree blossoms…

And the buds and leaves on the trees…

And…school’s out. The last day of school this past Wednesday was an absolutely perfect day for a walk to the park with second-graders.

It’s so nice to finally be able to move through the snow-less world.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…

It’s official. We are a three-teen household.

Our middle girl pushed past her childhood yesterday to join her older two siblings who’ve reached teenhood before her.


And now…

We started celebrating a few days early; first, with new nails with her longtime friend, Brandi.

The next night, we celebrated teen-style at a tea shop after taking in a movie.

Properly posed…

And reality…check out the laughter going on behind one pretend mannequin in the tea-shop window!

I can’t remember which friend brought these, but they are amazing!

Sunday, her real birthday, was our family celebration. Grandma and Grandpa from Minnesota came. This is as close as we got to a family photo. It’s a bit fuzzy and some of us are missing, but the nine of us did have a lovely day together.



Which brings us to today, Memorial Day, a time I will be thinking of all our special loved ones, but especially my father this year. My mother and sister will be gathered at the Veteran’s cemetery where he was buried in a special memorial celebration. I will be at Mass, praying for God’s blessings, healing, and a showering of love as we move through our summer. There is much for which to be thankful, much to celebrate, much to take in and grow from and live for.

Life is a gift!



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