memorable mondays: the band chicago and the rising river

This weekend was slated to be a quiet one. With the soccer season delayed, it looked to be a weekend of singing for a funeral and Mass and maybe cleaning out the van (still on the list).

Then Friday around 5, a friend posted on Facebook that she had two free tickets for the Chicago concert to give away. Within minutes, the deal was sealed and plans put in motion to get ready for a  “first day of spring by all accounts” surprise date night.

I had a chance to see Chicago in the summer of 1987 in Bismarck, where my sister and I were sharing an apartment for the summer. Their album, Chicago 17, had been a smashing success, and we were among its two most ardent fans.

I was just months away then from meeting the boy who would become my future husband. He accompanied me to this go-around. Our six-rows-back seats were good.

But towards the end we got up to stand to the side of the chairs to see better, and rather than kick us out of the aisle, the security guard suggested we get a little closer. “Go ahead and take your lady friend up to the stage,” he said to Troy. So off we went.

Unbelievably, we were within spitting distance at that point, and the whole show took on an even more exhilarating turn as we got close enough to shake hands and exchange smiles with most of the group!

The sax player even saw me with my phone and came on over to entertain me!

A saxophone surprise

Grand Finale

It was quite a night.  A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter saw the city Chicago on a choir tour trip. Loved this shot from her visit to the Windy City:

Saturday night, I took some of the kids on a river walk to see how high the Red is becoming. My dad was a fan of walking for the sake of walking, and beyond exercise, for breathing in the fresh air and beauty of God’s grandeur. I felt him with me as we went on our exciting jaunt along on the edge of the river, and over the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

It was a stunning night and I came away with some great shots.





What excitement have you got going on in your neck of the woods this week?