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   Apr 22

meaningful mondays: the baby turns 8

Oh, I know he wouldn’t like me calling him a baby, but it’s a coveted spot in the family I hope he’ll grow to appreciate someday.

Bring on 8 extra boys at an 8th birthday party at a bowling alley and what do you get? Crazy train!

It was a busy evening and I was pooped by the end of it all. But I can’t help but feel gratitude our youngest has such a great crop of buddies.

They are filled with testosterone and a little bit of sweetness too. It’s going to be a good life, I think.

He’s in good company with his April birthday. My mom celebrated her 72nd Sunday. We are definitely showered with blessings this month!

Beth, Nick and Mom, August 2005

I’m holding fast to these precious memories as we brace for an ongoing flood.

Please pray with us here in the Red River Valley that we’ll make it through dry, and peace be with you in the week ahead!


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