meaningful mondays: piano recitals and a plea

When we were parents of very young children, we became godparents. It was an honor then, but I have to say it’s become even more of an honor as our godchildren grow up and come into their own.

This weekend some of the kids and I had the privilege of watching two of our godsons fly across ebony and ivory at their spring recital. What a joy to see this side of them, and wonder where they’ll go with this particular talent.

Speaking of talent, a friend of mine has a son trying to earn a scholarship to attend a university that would benefit him greatly. Without going into all the details, I will say that this family has experienced tremendous hardship, the particulars of which would bring you to your knees. You would honor this family with me by voting on their youngest son’s essay to help him gain entrance into the college. It’s as easy as a click of the mouse, truly. No registration information required.

We are indeed the hands and feet of Christ, and sometimes, we do the work for Him, though He provides the opportunities. Thanks so much for considering this. And in the meantime, please pray for my friend and her family. They need grace, courage and hope.

Just go here and vote! (And again, thanks for doing that and passing it on to whomever else might want to help.)

Peace be with you in this week that follows what we Catholics know as Divine Mercy Sunday. Let the grace flow into your lives as you face the joys and sorrows of it all!