memorable mondays: kids jumping for joy – snow day

I still remember a time in college when I had not been attentive to the fact that I had a music theory test the next day. Not wanting to do poorly, I began seeking divine intervention. It was a glorious moment when I realized a blizzard would prevent the test from happening the next day.

Of course, I knew this wasn’t really an answered prayer, more a coincidental happening and one I didn’t really deserve. But I couldn’t help but recall that moment this weekend as my kids began collectively praying for a Snow Day.

It has to be pretty rough for our area to cancel school, but indeed it has come to pass, and the kids are jumping for joy.

View looking into the cul-de-sac Sunday afternoon

Our weekend was filled as most of them are these days. Basketball camps and tournaments…

Beth tosses the ball to her teammate at the Detroit Lakes invitational

It was also the weekend for the annual Generations Dance at the high school. Our oldest daughter had a date with her dad at Lucy’s Chinese restaurant, which was followed with the dance with our school’s own teen band, Feedback, providing the music. I can’t report on the evening because I wasn’t there, but from others’ accounts a great time was had by all.

Snickers doesn’t really have an opinion one way or the other…

I finally got to The Hobbit, which I’d been waiting on since before Christmas. I couldn’t help but think of how J.R.R. Tolkein could not have imagined the story in his mind being played upon the big screen in the way it was. I wonder if he would approve?

Finally, my first faith article appeared in the Forum. I won’t replicate it in its entirely here, but here are links for both the main article and its sidebar. Both appeared in the Saturday, Feb. 9, issue.

Happy Hunkering Down if you’re in a place that requires it.