writing wednesdays: my father’s passing

With little left to give this week, my Wednesday post will include a memorial I already wrote in honor of my father, and read Monday evening at a visitation service. You’ll find it here.

Peace be with you, and Dad, may you rest in peace. Until I see you again, know that I love you!



3 thoughts on “writing wednesdays: my father’s passing”

  1. Dear Roxane,
    What a special way of expressing your grief and loss– how better than a picture of you and your daddy. The photo says it all.

    May the memories keep him alive in your heart.


    1. Hi Monica, thanks so much for commenting. I agree about the photo and am so happy to have come across that, and so glad my mom thought to get her camera out 40 years ago when she saw me resting on my napping daddy. :)

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