memento mondays: before the door to 2012 closes

By the time you read this, I’ll be knee-deep in preparations for our annual New Year’s family celebration. Over the years, we’ve developed a tradition of just hanging out here at home, having a bit of a New Year’s Eve feast, usually complete with some catawba, shrimp cocktail, lefse and other goodies, and taking part in some family games. We’ll be missing at least one of our kiddos this year; she’ll be at an overnight with friends and has made me promise to save a few shrimp.

As the door of 2012 closes, I feel eager, excited and happy about what’s ahead. December has been a month of peaceful and welcomed transition for me and though I’m not fond of odd numbers, I do feel certain that 2013 will bring many blessings. I also expect some difficult times as our family prepares to journey with my father, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. God be with all of us in the joyful and sorrowful moments ahead.

Church above Lake Minnewaska where mom-in-law, Beth and I sang Christmas Eve trio

Because we’ll be toasting to the New Year 2013 not long after this posts, I thought I’d leave you all with a few photos from Christmas 2013 from my mom-in-law Bev’s camera.

Wishing you a new year filled with love and joy!

Peace Garden Mama (aka Roxane)

Feasting on smoked oysters and herring with Great-Grandma Gladys
Santa evidence: cookies gone, milk nearly finished off, stockings plum full…
All of us in one spot – a miracle!
Trying to get toasty as the brood unwraps their gifts
The most eager of the beavers get ready to dig in, but not before a photo shoot!
The girls get giddy and goofy while opening gifts.
Big things come in small envelopes?
A nice visit comes to an end; we say goodbye to great-grandma until next year!