memento mondays: hobbit pondering, altar touring, festivities

Ready for Tolkein presentation downtown Fargo Saturday morn!
The hobbit of mine who joined me
“2nd breakfast” offering: Smaug’s fire ale, Monsignor’s presentation inside historic Fargo Theater
Smallest boy and I went to church later to learn about 1st Reconciliation
Boys testing out the confessional kneelers
Girls’ feet waiting at the baptismal font – part of the tour
Kids listening attentively, with ready questions, being reminded of 1st sacrament
Baptismal candle precedes gazers looking at crucifixion window
The virtue that anchors us…
Checking out the altar…Nick spies the relics chamber…
Within lies relics of Jesus’ grandparents, Sts. Anne and Joachim
A rare view for second-graders: what the priest sees
A close-up view of a replica of our Lord and Savior…
Our birthday boy, now 17; here, around 5
Weekend finale: high school Christmas concert!
Not complete without the celebratory coffee, however. Blessed week all!