memento mondays: finding rest, beauty at carmel

Roxane (a.k.a. Peace Garden Mama) in her autumn glory/Vicky Westra

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 

— Albert Camus

This weekend, my soul, eyes and heart were fed at a place called Carmel of Mary Monastery.

Colorful Carmel Entry/Roxane B Salonen


The Road into Carmel/Roxane B. Salonen


Carmel Tree Peeking/Roxane B. Salonen


Cloister Closure/Roxane B. Salonen


Golden Bell/Roxane B. Salonen


On this, my second visit involving an overnight, a friend joined me.

Vicky and Roxane, Carmel Guest House/self-timed shot


Sharing this beautiful place with someone I knew would appreciate it doubled the fruits.

A fellow lover of photographer, Vicky was in her glory with me as we explored the grounds, seeking treasures that were, gratefully, delivered beyond our expectations.

Green Arch: Welcome/Vicky Westra
Shiny Specks of Crimson/Roxane B. Salonen
Yellow-Treed Curtsy /Roxane B. Salonen
The Turning of a Season/Roxane B. Salonen
Carmel Critters/Roxane B. Salonen
Rosary Beads at Carmel/Vicky Westra
Carmel Roses/Roxane B. Salonen
Bridge Over Wild Rice/Vicky Westra


Thank you, God, for this gift…

Golden Dusk/Roxane B. Salonen