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   Aug 29

writing wednesdays: puppy stew, what?

Only on the rez will you hear these two words together: Puppy Stew.

Some say it’s a myth. Some say it’s reality.

What do you think?

In Montana, on the reservation where I grew up, I heard of Puppy Stew and believed it to be reality. Historically, at least, I’m sure it was, though it was a horrifying thought to me, puppy lover that I was.

To famed American writer Louise Erdrich, the North Dakota version is Puppy Soup, as her poem, “Almost Soup,” attests.

I cannot, will not, share the ingredients of said brothy meal; will not ruminate for long on just what it might be, either. But you will find a little more about Louise by yelping on over to Peace Garden Writer today!

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  1. Delvin Cree says:

    I had some of this soup quitea few years ago.

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