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   Jun 04

mama mondays: summer!

Oh, it was a lovely weekend.

Not going to ruin it with too many words. To put it into context, though, we went to Daddy Troy’s hometown to take part in the “Take A Kid Fishing” Day event, and had some nice times in the great outdoors with the cousins.

To us, all this said, “Summer has arrived!”


Q4U: What says “Summer has arrived” to you?


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  1. Betty Sherlin says:

    Great looking crowd!! Looks like you had a grand time. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the new job. Hope you continue to post blogs, as I really enjoy reading about the family.

    • Profile photo of roxane s. roxane s. says:

      Betty, thanks so much! I do intend to continue with the blog, though there may be some sparse times as I’m getting situated. Thanks so much for reading. Have a nice summer. :)

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