mama mondays: let there be cake

In a recent column, I stated that May is the month for mothers. I’d like to amend that to say that May is the month for cake.

Two weekends ago, we had cake at our son’s Confirmation and First Eucharist. Our oldest daughter made rainbow cupcakes for her tennis team last week. This weekend, we had more cake.

First, the cake that heralded 50 years of our school’s existence. We saw it, but didn’t get to taste it. We still can’t figure out when the cake was cut and who the lucky tasters were, but we did have fun at the celebration.

Our son, Nick, was captivated by the band that played in the big tent on the school grounds. I think he was taking notes. The band comprises boys from our high school, many of whom went to Nativity when they were younger. I really enjoyed listening to them. They have great energy and had the kids bopping around on the grass in front.

Today, we consumed cupcakes and other desserts at our friend’s high school graduation party. It was the first in a string of grad parties in the coming days. I have a feeling there is more cake in our near future. I know there will be some at our daughter’s 8th grade graduation reception on Wednesday.

And then, with our middle girl turning 12 this weekend, there might be even more yet. Though, she doesn’t like cake, so maybe we’ll change things up a bit. Maybe we’ll have pie.

Either way, it’s a cake-full month. And that’s a good thing. It means there are lots of reasons to celebrate.

The question is, can we have our cake AND eat it, too? And what about the icing on the cake?

Hope you’re enjoying all the goodies that are no doubt coming your way this time of year.

Q4U: What’s your favorite kind of cake?