mama mondays: beyond baptism – parting of clouds

This past weekend was filled with blessed moments. It was the kind of weekend we’ll be recalling long into the future.

After days and days of clouds, the light came through just in time for our fourth child’s embracing of his faith through Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

Lots of photos to share today. They do better at telling the story. I’ll keep my comments brief so it’s not too much to take in.

Here’s Adam coming into the pew. His name tag bears the name “Joseph,” his Confirmation name. When the Bishop confirms him, he will be called Joseph, not Adam. (See the other boys, Troy, Nick and Christian just behind him.) We had really great seats, right behind our little guy. Oh, he was handsome! Melted my mommy heart.

I loved all the hands that went up as Bishop Samuel Aquila asked the kids about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (see Isaiah 11:2-3). Do you remember them? Let’s see if I can do them justice: wisdom, counsel, piety, understanding, fear of the Lord, fortitude and knowledge.

We were reminded that it’s just the beginning still; we have our whole lives to build on these gifts, and will need to rely on them throughout our lives as Christians.

The whole thing lasted nearly three hours, from the time they had to be there to gather with sponsors to the very end. Adam, and all the kids really, did a great job of hanging in there.

This is the point at which the kids and their sponsors met up again to process toward the Bishop to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. Adam’s godfather is on the other side of the aisle in the black suit.

When it was time to bring up the gifts — the bread and wine — one of the helpers came to Adam’s pew to summon him and three others in the back row, who’d been selected to present the gifts. I did not take a photo of that. I was too busy shedding tears. Yes, I can get pretty emotional in times like this. So much heartache at times, in our family, and yet, there are these moments of cloud-parting that grab hold of my heart and give me the biggest burst of hope and joy.

At the end of a long Mass, it’s nice to have special people to hang out with while waiting for pictures with the Bishop. Thanks for coming, Grandma Bev (and Grandpa Roger, too)!

Confirmation cake is an especially sweet way to end the evening…

Today, I am a happy and proud mama. Can you tell? Here we are at the end of the Mass — Adam, me and his godmother, Mary Kay.

It is amazing to me how easily I can recall the beginnings of this journey:

1-19-03 – Baptism of Adam Salonen with godparents Don & Mary Kay Schott
5-6-12 – Confirmation/First Eucharist Day with godparents

If the next nine years go as quickly as these first nine with our sweet guy, I’m thinking I’d better keep my eyes from blinking for the next couple years!

I’ll end with the prayer the Bishop taught the kids today: “Jesus help me to know you and to receive your love for me today.”

Q4U: How did Jesus show you His love for you this weekend?

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  1. Congratulations to your family and especially to Adam! What wonderful steps he has made into our faith. Thank you for the wonderful blog, I’ve really been enjoying reading it! Do you happen to have a facebook page? It would be easier for me to follow your posts. Oh and I have to say what a beautiful church you belong too!

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