mama mondays: seven


Today, our youngest turns SEVEN! Yesterday, we celebrated with some friends and a big mouse. (And a silly 14-year-old sister who didn’t want to be left out of the fun.)

It wouldn’t have been right if his cake had not included a guitar of some sort. Hmmm…like father like son.

Nick has a real sweet side to him.

And a real goofy side too. We got a little bit of everything yesterday.

Here he is in the Ticketblaster. Only the birthday celebrities get a chance to gear up and go inside this coveted space, which is under lock and key except at specified times. The object is to do what you can within the allotted time to get as many tickets, which can be turned into tokens, which can be turned into prizes, as possible. One of the tickets is worth $1,000 tokens, which will get you a pretty decent prize. After almost not finding the sought-after ticket, with just seconds to spare, Nick did it!

But the best prize of all? Having your best buddy to celebrate with you.

Life is really pretty good at age 7. It’s a lucky number. It’s a heavenly number.

It’s a good time to be 7.

Q4U: What is a memory you hold dear of when you were 7 years old?