mama mondays: the pajama life

Friday was Pajama Day at The Forum.

When I took an unofficial survey around the newsroom Thursday to determine whether people actually wore their pajamas to work on this special day, the response seemed lukewarm. I couldn’t help but wonder if Pajama Day might be a ruse — a setup to check the gullibility factor of new employees.

But when morning came and I realized I didn’t have any off-site interviews scheduled, and my finger temperature-check showed frigid air, I considered anew what the day might be offering.  

Our publisher is inviting us to work in our p.j.s. What’s with the hesitation?!

And so I rolled out of bed…and went to work. On the way in, another gal was trudging to work in blue, flannel pajama bottoms. I felt like yelling out to her, “Hey, you’re wearing your pajamas!” Sort of like in the proverbial nightmare when you suddenly realize you’re in public and all you’ve got on is your underwear.

All this reminded me of my freelance days when conducting interviews and writing articles in p.j.s was the norm. Those are my slippered feet above. I also wore my soft, striped, blue-and-white robe.

These pink slippers and flamingo pajamas were spotted on a colleague. I will not share her name to protect her identity. She has a reputation to uphold, after all.

At 11:30, employees shuffled (literally) into a room where catered lunches were provided. Inside were:

* A group of gals with feathers stuck to their pajamas, as if they’d just come from a pillow fight.

* Pink curlers in hair, and hair that had been purposefully tossled to give the “just got out of bed” look.

* A guy wearing slippers that had been fashioned from the SheSays section of the paper.

* A stuffed teddy bear made of — you guessed it — newspaper.

* Our publisher wearing his blue, striped pajamas.

* A large male employee wearing blue, “onesie” feet pajamas.

* Grown women in their night clothes grasping their “blankies.”

I wish I could share photos, but without permission, I don’t feel right posting them here. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t the lone pajama-wearing Forum employee by a long shot, though the newsroom was probably the least enthusiastic of the bunch. I’d hazard a guess that it’s because most of us work half our time out in the “field” whereas most from other departments spend much of their time in house.

I shared a little about our day through email with a contributing, off-site writer, who confessed that as a freelancer, she once interviewed a certain governor sporting her pink robe.

Ah, the pajama life. As much as I enjoy getting dressed up for my new job, there’s really nothing quite like starting the work day in slippers.

Q4U: Have you ever worn a zany getup to work? Describe it.