mama mondays: snow for the new year!

Snow! It finally came, just in time to reign in the new year. Or should I say rain in the new year? It’s rained more than snowed this winter, I’m pretty sure. That is NOT normal for this part of the country. And rain followed by a chilly night always makes us plenty nervous, deadly combination that it is.

For us, the snow arrived in its truest form while we were visiting my good friend Mary in her home in Minnesota that abuts woodland.

Mary’s home is already cozy, but became more so with the snow outside. The girls snuggled into the softness of her plush furniture while the boys (Mary’s four plus my three) stayed happy in the boy cave downstairs.

Leo the cat didn’t seem to remember snow, even though he looks like he was born in it! Though he’s a huge fan of the outdoors, he took his time with it, like any proper cat, curious but cautious. And I’m more than understanding. This is sort of how I feel right now; on the threshold of something exciting but uncertain just what it might entail. Will it be cold and wet, or fluffy and fun with a hint of adventure?

In flash — the kind of moment when logic shrinks and the heart takes over — Leo bounded onto the deck, eventually settling on a safe spot under the deck chair. Seemed he could be part of the adventure there but still have some sizing-up space if he wanted. Yep, that’s my kind of cat. I’m usually up for an adventure too, but I do like to take things in a bit before bounding off full blast. (Leo’s helping me ponder my “one word” for the new year — the word that will define my 2012. More on that soon!)

If you didn’t believe that the white stuff was really snow earlier, you certainly can tell now with Mary’s shot from my cell phone. See those white flakes? That’s the real deal. And no better spot to go on such a day than a place called Christmas Point. If you’ve never been, take a peek at their website. Fun place!

This was a girls-only event, sort of equal time for all the hours the boys wiled away in video-game glory. We decided we needed something to fill us up, and a frothy cup of banana-bread steamer was a good way to begin. We drank our warm drinks in this little eating nook.

This is all just a teaser for Wednesday’s post, when I’ll share what Mary (gold) and a new friend (silver) and I experienced at another local eatery. But you’ll have to wait on that. For now, I just have to say, there’s something about a clean blanket of snow to start the new year off right, don’tchathink? It really does feel like a clean and unmarked slate ready to be filled with new life.

I’m writing this on the eve of the New Year, just after our family’s annual New Year’s Eve spread.

Next up: family movie!

Before I move on, I need to mention that this time marks the fourth anniversary of my blog, which began in January 2008. Thanks to those of you who’ve been faithfully keeping up with my ramblings. It’s been a privilege for me to share glimpses of my journey with you, and to glimpse yours in return whenever I can.

May your 2012 be blessed and bright!

Peace Garden Mama (Roxane)

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