faith fridays: what hope looks like

The other day, I found out what hope looks like. It seemed powerful, yes bright enough, to share. You might know someone like I do; someone who is beginning to wonder if hope exists, who insists that the glimmer of light beyond the bend may not even exist.

At the point at which this dear person began to see a glimmer of something, I became determined to help her grasp hard onto that glimmer. I wanted to help her keep that hope clearly in her sights. So I asked her to come up with a list of things to look forward to, things that could keep her moving toward the glimmer, things to remember in moments when hope seems, again, in short supply.

Keep in mind, the person of whom I speak is young with much life ahead, so the list will reflect that. She is talented and worthy of so many things, but she’s barely begun to explore her capabilities because other forces have been in the way. I know that those obstacles won’t disappear overnight. This is a process. But…it seems to me, as I look at friends with cancer and other huge roadblocks in their lives, if we can’t keep fixed on hope, what else is there? Seeing around the bend, even when we know we can’t be THERE yet, is essential to our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

So, here’s what hope looks like to a young gal that I’m intent on helping seeing through to that place around the bend:

– Get my driver’s license

– Get a job

– Get a car

– Graduate high school

– Go to college for four years

– Become an elementary school teacher

– Find someone who loves me, my family and God as much as I do

– Have three children

– Read one book per week for a whole year straight

– Receive a scholarship to the school of my dreams (which I have yet to dream up)

– Go to the abortion mill to pray every single Wednesday this summer

– Inspire someone

– Be in a musical

– Help someone who’s going through a rough time in their life

– Go to Mass every Sunday without complaining

– Ride a horse, sidesaddle

– Travel the world

– Learn a new language

– Stand up for what I believe in

– Witness a miracle

– Live to be a grandmother

Q4U: What do you most hope for right now?