mama mondays: adam’s alien abduction

Over the years, we’ve experienced a few alien abductions here. Particularly during winter-time birthdays when the thought of in-house gatherings for a bunch of boys borders on insanity.

The first year was the year Space Aliens Restaurant opened up in Fargo. Our middle son, Adam, was still only a thought in the mind of God. His older brother was in kindergarten, just turning six, and was among the first group of kids to meet the infamous house alien.


Back then, alien headbands were included in the party package.

About five years ago, Daddy Troy chose abduction over insanity for his birthday, and the little boys couldn’t have been more thrilled. Tickets in the game room = cheap prizes that never fail to delight.

This year, Adam experienced his first birthday-party abduction. With Thanksgiving bumping into birthday, we had to jumpstart the partying.

The aliens were still imprisoned but smiling.

Adam (r) and pal (l)

The game room and its gadgets did not disappoint.


The cupcakes were intoxicatingly yummy.

Best of all? No mess to clean up at home! (Okay, that perk’s mainly for Mama Roxane).

(Love it when teen sisters have their own agenda and won’t cooperate for the obligatory end-of-party photo…)


They were right when they say it goes fast. It really, really does.

Happy Birthday Week, Adam! You are truly out of this world!