mama mondays: good news, bad news


The weekend started out with a bang with our Catholic high school’s third state football championship game. Everyone was out of school anyway for Veteran’s Day, so the girls and I decided to go (the boys were heading out of town). Good News!

Just after I’d paid the parking and admission fees for the FargoDome, bought an overpriced soda and found a seat, hubby called to say he was pulled over along the side of the Interstate with the boys and his vehicle was smoking and looking like it could possibly be starting on fire. Very Bad News!

So I gathered up my girl chicks and we headed out of town and rescued the boys via minivan. Everyone was okay and, despite the smoke, Troy’s rig wasn’t on fire (and this photo is a fake). Very Good News!

But the vehicle appears to be toast. Bad News!

Thankfully, Troy’s parents happened to have an extra van they aren’t using much right now, so offered to lend it to us. Good News!

We got home to the news that the Deacons had gotten pounded in their football game. Bad News!

But there was just enough time to redeem the day by using the tickets I won a few weeks ago for spookiest costume at a Halloween party. Puss N Boots in 3D for me and the little guys! Oh yeah, baby! Good News!

The next morning, middle child had a friend over. They had a blast climbing in the big old tree out front. But then her dad came to pick her up, spoiling the party. Bad News!

A friend of mine came to town and we met for lunch at a yummy Chinese place. The weather was beautiful for a fundraising event I attended. And the boys gave their trip a second attempt, allowing Nick a chance to play his cousins’ electric guitar. All Good News!

The boys’ exit meant the girls and I would have 24 hours to ourselves. More Good News!

The waiting line at the restaurant where the girls and I decided to eat out was an hour. Bad News!

We had fun anyway. Good News!

I was really groggy the next morning while serving as a cantor for the early Mass. Bad News!

The girls made me proud by helping decorate for a party for one of their former babysitters without me along for guidance. Good News!


Unfortunately, said babysitter is no spring chick anymore. Bad News (depending on how you look at it)!

But the party was a success! Good News!


When it’s all added up, there was more good news than bad news. Though we had that scare with the smoking vehicle, all in all, we came away from the weekend feeling pretty blessed!

Q4U: What was the good-bad news of your weekend?