mama mondays: will walk for cake

This weekend, our church had its annual fall festival. Though we were unable to attend the first evening of the event, which included a family dance and hay rides, we did catch the Sunday turkey dinner and kids’ games.

A lot changed up from past years. The bulk of kids’ activities took place outside under a huge tent. Much better than squishing hundreds of people into our gathering space as had been the case.

What celebration is complete without popcorn popping?


The fish pond is always a favorite, too.


More than anything else, the kids were intent on winning a cake at the cakewalk.

I told them if they all went at once, we could increase our odds, thereby bringing home dessert. They didn’t do that exactly, but we did end up winning two cakes with just two tries.

One of the lucky and very happy winners:

I still remember the first time I won a cake at my hometown church, during our annual Mardi Gras celebration. It was shaped like a bunny and had coconut frosting. I felt like the luckiest person alive.

There’s something about being a kid when the church fall festival comes around. Especially when you live in a family of chocoholics and you just happen to win a chocolate cake on the first try.

Q4U: What is your favorite childhood memory of a church event?