mama mondays: zero to fourteen in no time

On Friday, my firstborn daughter turned 14.

From this…

To this…in no time flat.

My daughter’s a planner. Someday, I envision her planning huge events for important people. All of the i’s will be dotted, t’s crossed. And she’ll be in her element, to the benefit of those who benefit.

She’d been planning a birthday lunch and chose a new Fargo restaurant, Noodle & Company, as the destination. Also on her list: the evening before her 14th birthday, she and a friend gathered at our home to make cupcakes — three different varieties, including my favorite, red velvet with cream-cheese frosting. I heard these were very well-received by teachers and classmates alike.

The afternoon of her birthday, she and her friends dressed up and headed out to a pizza joint, as was part of the plan. I walked in with them to pay for the pizza and drinks, entering just before three teen boys who, wouldn’t you know, chose the table next to the girls. Four teen girls, three teen boys, eating pizza, opening gifts; girls giggling, guys googling.

Am I ready for this?

Later, when it was time for drop-off, the girls walked to the door with the first friend before departure, and a golf-cart load of teen boys flew past. Noticing the girls, they quickly yelled out their cell number. The giggling girls giggled some more.

How can a mother prepare for such moments?

The next day, three of them converged again at a place called Cherry Berry, where they chose from about 15 flavors and 30 toppings (note the girl on the right with her flower hair tie and sleek high heels…).

After slurping down their treats, they retreated into a corner in the lime- and cherry-colored chairs and (guess what?)…giggled.

Ready or not…

My firstborn daughter is a classy gal with a lot of wonderful qualities, as well as a few that need tweaking like everyone else on the planet. But as I peer through the haze of teenhood, I see an amazing person emerging; someone who has not escaped life’s challenges but who has proven herself capable of overcoming whatever bumps present themselves.

Did I mention she’s always looked good in purple?












But even better, she makes me laugh. She brings light to others. I await the amazing person she’s on her way to becoming, and in large part, already is.

Love you, L!

Q4U: What do you remember most from your teen years, the good and the bad of it?