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   Sep 19

mama mondays: through a rain-splattered window


I want so much to be able to share details from my weekend at Green Lake, Minnesota, with the “girls.” But it was one of those returns that allowed for no transition time. The moment I hit the front porch (actually well before it), I was already fully engaged in real life. Poof! The magic of Green Lake was being bowled over by important matters of the evening.

I’d love to linger for just a while longer on the beautiful experience I’ve just come through. Would you hang tight while I get the week going and come back another day this week when I’ll have more images and thoughts? I mean, you really don’t want to miss the dead-frog sightings, do you? (I didn’t say every single moment of it was lovely! But 98 percent, yes…)

Looking forward to bringing a little Green Lake your way soon!

Peace Garden Mama

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