mama mondays: snug like a bug in a rug


My mother-in-law and I are alike in many ways, including our propensity for lugging our cameras with us everywhere we go; especially when we’re apt to be on an adventure, in new surroundings, or hanging out with our loved ones.

So it was not a surprise that Mom #2, as I often call her, brought her camera along this weekend during a 24-hour visit to Fargo, and that she happened to have it in the wee hours when three of her small grandsons were sacked out on the floor of the hotel room where she and my father-in-law were staying. Two of these “bugs” are mine; the other is a spare (our nephew) who tagged along as the “surprise.” In this photo, we have ages 6, 7 and 8 accounted for. They get along famously and, though a little rambunctious after their time at the hotel pool and slide, finally settled down peacefully, wrapped warmly in the embrace of hotel bedding and the contentment of a day well-lived, and with loved ones surrounding.

I shared this image on Facebook and it elicited a lot of precious responses. When I look at it, I think of familiar phrases: Three Peas in a Pod, Piggies in a Blanket, The Three Amigos, Snug like a Bug in a Rug. It seemed one deserving of another round.

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