mama mondays: reunion and rainbow

I’m a bit photo happy this summer; fewer on words, heavier on the images that are coloring my days. I hope you don’t mind more of the same for this week’s edition of Mama Mondays.

We spent our Sunday in my husband’s lake hometown, where some of his extended family had gathered from Mississippi and various places in Minnesota.

(Yes, that’s condensation on my camera lens from the high humidity!)

I hadn’t seen her in years, but this summer, I was honored to see my sister-in-law (middle) twice; in the South last month, and again in the North today. Here, she is flanked by her aunt and mother. What a pretty trio, huh?

Seems the Southerners brought their hot, humid weather with them. We can’t win up here. In the wintertime we’re often stuck indoors. In the all-too-short summertime, we’re sometimes stuck indoors, too.

We made it out onto the patio at least.

It’s always a good place to eat, especially when you’re a hungry hippo…I mean, teen boy. (Here, my firstborn (l) devours a burger with his two cousins (r).)

Snickers was one HOT dog.

Eventually, we ventured out further — to the lake home of my brother-in-law, where the younger boys dumped their daily quota of little-boy energy into Lake Minnewaska.

The big boys and our middle girl (and the dog) took the long way via pontoon.

Boat snacks…a bit soggy from the extra moisture.

As the day wore on, a few of us needed a little rest in the a.c.


All in all, it was a nice day.


And just when the car trip home started getting a little too long and boring, we were entertained by a storm, which concluded with a surprise.

I touched up these photos a little to bring out the rainbow, which appeared faded when downloaded. In person, it was one of the brightest and widest we’d ever seen.

I love it when God colors the sky.

Q4U: What work of art did God show you this week?