mama mondays: a beautiful beginning

This weekend, my girls and I had a chance to gaze upon this beautiful, blushing bride during a lakeside wedding ceremony.

My friend Lori is an amazing person; the mother of seven who, at 40-something, married her prince. This was her first wedding; her children, the “7 Wonders” as her license plate says, came into her life through adoption.

Lori became a mother because her heart was expansive and she knew she had an abundance of love to give others. But her husband had yet to show up in those earlier days. Not that she wouldn’t have welcomed it but it wasn’t to be. So, instead of waiting around for that someday prince, she put her love into action in the best way she could. This weekend, her sacrifice and perseverance were generously rewarded.

While Lori was readying herself in the lake house, her future mother-in-law waited with the rest of the guests, gazing out onto the lake as if someone might appear out of thin air if they stared hard enough.


And in fact, that’s sort of what happened. Seemingly out of nowhere, in a moment when I was watching and listening intently to the musicians…



He appeared on a water vessel and docked. His mother greeted him, then they walked together to shore.



Eventually, the kids began arriving — 11 in all (four are part of the prince’s half of the package).

The one on the left…he’s our buddy, a good friend of our firstborn.


What wedding celebration is complete without flower girls? The gal on the right, Lori’s youngest, was just a baby a few days ago, I think. How is she old enough to be a flower girl?


Once everyone was in place…

The readings and exchanging of vows commenced.

This was just the beginning…of a beautiful night (which later included fabulous food and dancing), to launch a beautiful beginning…

These are the good things in life that make it all worth it, and hope real. I’m so glad to have been able to have been a small part of this evening of sweetness!

Q4U: Describe a new beginning you recently experienced.