mama mondays: a niece graduates

This weekend marked the first high-school graduation of my sister’s and my families. The honor of “firsts” goes to my niece, who is paving the way to many such rites of passage moments in our extended family.

The graduate shows off her hoola-hooping skills. This will be a great boon to her resume!

We journeyed eight hours roundtrip…


to witness the event and take part in the celebratory finale.


It was worth it, from the food to the family to the flowers.

The lovely things I love…

It feels plain good to get the cousins together; to just let them reacquaint and build the kind of memories they will share at their own graduations, weddings and anniversaries in the years to come.


“Abracadabra, make my little brother disappear!”
Undercover cousins?

One of the scenes playing on a rolling Powerpoint in the garage, in view to all munching on my sister’s delicious spread of food, included a scene from when we visited years ago and the two firstborns decided to tie the knot. “The Wedding” will go down as one of the highlights of the times we’ve spent with the cousins.

The “groom:” I dare you to find my eyes!

This weekend was special, and I hope there will be many such celebrations in our future when we can gather and give thanks for the life God has given us together.

Grandpa looking at a book of poems he created when the graduate was a baby

As you commemorate Memorial Day today, may you renew your gratitude for the good things and people in life, both past and present, those passed on and still living.

Q4U: What moment of your Memorial Day weekend stands out, and why?