mama mondays: mom of ten meets anthony hopkins

You know the guy on the left, but you may not know the gal on the right. Let me introduce you to Patti Armstrong, a fellow Peace Garden mama, writer and sister in Christ. Patti and I have a lot in common; we’ve both lived part of our lives in Montana, have ties to Bismarck, ND (her current home, my parents’ current home), and mother large families, only Patti has me beat by five. Yup. She’s a mother of ten (which makes my lot sound rather puny), though currently we both have five kids at home, so we’re sort of on even terrain for now.

So what am I going on about anyway, and what’s with the juxtaposition of Sir Phillip Anthony Hopkins, the famous Welsh actor, and this North Dakota mom? Well, not long ago the two were actually side by side when Patti had the honor of taking part in a press junket in anticipation of the release of the movie, The Rite.

Prior to her time with Hopkins and other actors from the movie, Patti interviewed three exorcists to learn more about what this process entails; not the sensationalized version but the real deal. It’s actually quite fascinating. Here’s one of the articles she wrote for an online magazine prior to her trip West.

This morning, I’ll be interviewing Patti on Real Presence Radio, live, from 9 to 9:30 a.m. Central Standard Time. I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about the experience of meeting this famed actor, what she learned about how he regarded this particular project, and the truth of exorcism and its necessity in this world.

Sounds a little spooky, I know, but I can assure you that Patti will make this whole topic very approachable. If you can tune in (assuming it’s not too late), that would be great! Locals, turn your dial to 1280 AM Moorhead-Fargo, 1370 AM Grand Forks, or 91.3 FM Bismarck-Mandan. You can also catch it through the web here.

Q4U: In the event you didn’t get a chance to tune in, do you have any questions about exorcism? If I can’t answer them, I’ll do my best to find the answer.

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