mama mondays: slippery birthday

Our sweet second son will turn eight soon. Not yet, but soon enough. We celebrated his birthday this weekend, since his real birthday will take place over the Thanksgiving break. It was his first-ever swimming party, and by all accounts it seems to have been a hit.

Well, most accounts anyway. Little brother felt a little slighted a few times throughout the day:

Adam was born a day before Thanksgiving. I had my Thanksgiving meal that year under a silver dome with processed turkey and fake mashed potatoes. It was delicious. I’d worked hard (he came before the epidural had a chance to take effect) and felt so relieved and thankful. He was such a beautiful boy and we were so blessed by his arrival.

Thinking back on the birthday party, I can easily begin compiling a Thanksgiving gratitude list based on Sunday’s party alone. I’m thankful my children have good friends with whom they can share their lives, and for the chance to kick back and shinny down a slide every once in a while, and for daughters who help me prepare for such events (my oldest made the birthday brownies — they were to die for!), and finally, for a husband who is willing to sit near me poolside at a crazy eight-year-old birthday pool party and just smile at it all.

Yep, life is pretty good!

Q4U: When was the last time you slid down a slide?