mama mondays: daddy’s home take 2

Daddy Troy has been gone on business since Wednesday. Our Sunday afternoon included a trip to the airport to retrieve him and usher him safely home. “Welcome back to reality,” I said as we all drove home in the minivan, kids squabbling intermittently in the backseat. Things quieted down a bit when Daddy began emptying a bag of treasures from Texas, including some scorpion glow-in-the-dark necklaces, a beetle bracelet, a can of super-hot peanuts and an alien toy.

I know all too well the elusiveness of a smooth transition. I’ve been there, too, having escaped the bustling of family life for a bit only to arrive home to a life fully in motion. Serenity to chaos in one fell swoop; it can be a bit dramatic, to say the least.

Helping Daddy Troy transition was the radio announcer giving play-by-play of his beloved Vikings squabbling with the Detroit Lions. I knew then Daddy really was home, because you never hear sports announcers blasting plays in his absence. But it is good to have everyone in one place again.

The weather here certainly didn’t hurt. This morning, he breathed in the hot humidity of Austin, Texas, while his home landing presented a pleasantly mild fall day. Oh, how we love our autumns around here!

On that note, shortly after arriving home, I went on a short jaunt with my oldest daughter, who’s been working diligently on the infamous seventh-grade “Leaf Project.” We looked up some of the leaves she’d collected online, happily identifying a few that had eluded her. Then, we went out in search of a willow tree — something she was intent on finding for her project. We found it, as well as this gorgeous little maple, which stopped me in my tracks. I’m always amazed how one tree or bush can contain so many colors within it. I’ve affectionately named it “rainbow maple.”

It’s even better when contrasted with the blue-sky canvas above.

At this hour, I’m hearing few complaints from the peanut gallery. With Daddy home now and an adventure of my own on the horizon, life is looking pretty good.

Q4U: What goodness has walked into your world recently?