mama mondays (tuesday version) – post 4th shots

I was all prepared to post my Forum column but it appears a switcheroo was done. Actually, the column that went up instead (written by Tracy Briggs) is about the family vacation and pretty funny, so if you’re around here and read The Forum, you’ll enjoy it.  Since my hands were ready to post, though, I thought I’d include a couple of my favorite photos from the weekend. Two different versions of what the 4th means to Americans, but in the end, to each, it’s all about family, relationship, love:

Blessings to All in the (short) week that follows. I’ll be retrieving my oldest daughter today, exchanging her for my oldest son, who’s next in line for a trip to lake town to spend time with his grandparents and cousins.

Q 4 U: What moment from the weekend past stands out in your mind?