mama mondays: when you gotta go…

Might as well make it a grassy field in the middle of nowhere.

Yep, our Beth had just gotten her new camera when this beauty of a photo opp came at her.

I wasn’t around at the time. I discovered the shot much later, while downloading her first attempts at amateur photography onto my computer. Hmmm. It could be interesting having another photographer in the house with a slightly different vantage point.

Speaking of the little camper, she’s back home now. Here she is with one of her friends in front of her cabin, "Phoebe." To get a glimpse of the energy that spewed forth from camp at the closing program today, watch the short video on Peace Garden Mama here. All the birdies are back in the nest. One will be flying away for a bit later this week, and shortly after her return, another will go for a while. We like to keep them rotating in and out during the summertime, so that everyone has a chance to experience life away from home.

I’ll be hosting the "Real Presence Live" radio show from 9 to 11 a.m. (Monday). The lineup goes like this:

9 a.m., Author Brian O’Neel will talk on his book, 39 New Saints You Should Know.

9:30 a.m., Roberta Johnson of Moorhead will share bits about her faith from the perspective of a mother and wife who has been battling leukemia for nearly a year now.

10 to 11 a.m., our "From the Catholic View" program will feature Jan George, a former radical feminist who is looking at life from a different lens these days. Our segment, "Feminist and Proud," will discuss the New Feminism, a feminism that is rooted in life and Catholic teaching.

To tune in, go to 1280 AM in Moorhead-Fargo, 1370 AM in Grand Forks, or here (online).

Q 4 U: When were you last one with nature? How so?