writing wednesdays: something lovely for you

Just had to share a little floral beauty before pointing you in the direction of where it’s really at today. Those of you who have been following me a while know how jazzed I get over flowers, especially those that spring up in my back-yard garden every year.

Here’s my favorite, a shimmer of purple that flashed at me earlier from a quiet spot near a pine tree. It was dampened by rain but its purple is so rich, its bloom at its peak, I’m sure. It reminds me of a Spanish dancer;  feminine and deliciously graceful.


Also hidden, but not enough to escape my gaze, was this pretty little primrose:


My son and I admired the little bud nearby that soon will be opening up to the world as well:


This iris was a bit more confident than the others, it seemed, shining as it did in the afternoon sun:

The rain did a number on this yellow iris, but I wanted to give it a moment in the spotlight before it wilted away forever. The "beards" of the iris never fail to enthrall me. This one reminds me of a fuzzy, yellow caterpillar climbing into a sleeping bag:


Finally, I don’t know what this is called but it’s a tiny ground flower that came up near the shrubs. I love the way the leaf, which doesn’t belong to the flower, is acting as a green backdrop against the gorgeous hot pink of the petals:

That was just the warmup. Now, for someone really lovely, please visit Peace Garden Writer today to meet one of my favorite writer friends, children’s author Jean L.S. Patrick of Mitchell, South Dakota. See you over there!