time with grandparents – another collage

As I mentioned yesterday, the photo collages that come forth from our children’s visits to their grandparents’ Minnesota lake town are way too great to keep to myself, so I’ll be sharing them here until there’s no more to share. I apologize in advance if this feel like “Salonen kids image overkill.” My intent is not to bore my readers with visuals of my youngest three “petals,” but to share the delightful handiwork of my wonderful mother-in-law, Beverly. Each summer, she and Daddy Troy’s father, Roger, invite our kids into their home for week intervals. It’s a win-win for everyone. The kids have time with their grandparents alone, the grandparents have a chance to bond with their grandkids, the siblings enjoy a break from the regular dynamics of five-in-a-pod, and the parents revel in the reprieve from some of the regular stressors of raising up five lively young’ens.

Today, enjoy this collage from the sandy shores of Lake Minnewaska!

Q4U: When was the last time you felt sand between your toes?