easter 2010: alleluia!!!

"He has this big globe thingy and he spies on us." – Adam, 7, on how the Easter bunny knows us so well.



"ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!! ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!! ALLELUIA!!!!!!!!!!!"

In the Catholic tradition, we refrain from saying "Alleluia" during the quiet days of Lenten reflection. But today, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ — the true climactic moment of our faith — and once again, we sing, "ALLELUIA!" Without this belief in the Resurrection of Christ, everything else falls away. His rising and power over death is what brings us HOPE that we, too, will rise above our suffering — an unavoidable and even necessary condition of our earthly journey — and be with Him in glory someday. Until then, how will we live our lives, knowing how much each day counts and brings us either closer to or further from this ultimate destination?

Today is a day of family and celebration. My mother arrived yesterday, one day late due to a spring blizzard that raged on the other side of the state on Good Friday. We left early for church this morning to secure a good spot at Mass — just a few rows back from where the children’s choir was seated and led us in song. The sanctuary and stained glass windows were brilliant with the light of the glorious day. We sang, "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!" This psalm of Scripture has become my mantra. Even when the day is gray, I try to remember that "This is the day the Lord has made" and give thanks for the very fact that I am alive!

The weekend also included a visit from my friend Mary from Minnesota yesterday. One of her love languages is gifts, and she presented me with a beautiful bouquet of spring mums before we trotted off to our favorite coffee shop for some uninterrupted girl time. Life is good! I also was asked yesterday to sing the psalm at my friend Ryan’s funeral Mass tomorrow. It is always a gift to me to be able to sing a psalm of sending off to a dear one. I feel energized by the thought that Ryan is watching us celebrate from his new perch, and that he is still with us, leading us onward.

With Lent past, I have a lot to share in the coming weeks about the fruits that took place during my time of trying more diligently to turn off the noises that kept me stalled and listening more intently to God’s voice. I’m looking forward to revealing more soon.

Enjoy your Easter blessings in all of their lovely manifestations!