superbowl sunday slumbering

"Shhh…The Superbowl’s on…naptime calls…"

It’s a pretty relaxed day around here — the most laid back I can recall in recent Superbowl history. Outside, the snow is lightly falling; inside, we’re waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. There’s a great sense of calm permeating our household. Earlier, I got in a bit of necessary shopping and didn’t have to fight off any large crowds.

I have to thank the Vikings for this. If their final game of the year had turned out differently, the tension would be palpable right now. Indeed, you’ve done me a great favor, dear Vikes. Purple blood runs through the veins of many of our family members, but today, all indicators point to healthy blood pressures and a feeling of lightness.

I am, however, going to tune into the tube from time to time. Looking forward to the commercials. There’s always that.

Who, if anyone, are YOU rooting for this Superbowl?