tuesday tidbits: second annual ugly sweater contest results

And now, the results of the Second Annual Ugly Sweater Contest (photos cropped to protect sweater-wearers’ identities):





And the winner is…

As winner, the lovely Grape Jelly Lady has inherited the first prize treasure, affectionately named "Purdy" by last year’s winner’s toddler son, who could not take his eyes off said prize for days after it was brought home. Though Purdy did sustain some injuries living in a home with four children over the past year (nothing a little Crazy Glue didn’t help), she’s in fine shape now and ready to shine her light on all those sure to admire her loveliness in 2010!

And to be fair to the curious, I’ll at least reveal my identity: see the red and beige diseased-looking sweater with darling pink dangly earrings to "match." I’m still licking my wounds over the fact that I didn’t even earn second place. I thought my striking-it-gold moment at the thrift store certainly merited something! I even had my 9-year-old daughter and her friend help me pick it out, and they certainly are tuned into what’s the most uncool and ugliest attire in all the land. Guess I’ll have to try harder next year. (All in good fun!)

For a peek at last year’s contestants and winning sweater, see this post, and to read some fun back story, check out this one.

One person’s trash is truly another’s treasure. Did you ever get a "heckuva deal" at a rummage sale or thrift store? If so, what was it?