mama mondays: a chat with 911 fire chief this morning!

"Aaaarrgh, Matey!"

Before I get to the important stuff, a few kid quotes to start off the week with a smile.

Heard recently via Nick, age 4:

"Mom, know what makes me mad about Skittles (the cat)? Sometimes, I don’t know how, but sometimes she just shoots out her nails and gets me in the head!"

This one came during a car-washing expedition:

Mom: "So, are you still scared of car washes like when you were a baby?"

Nick: "Nah."

(Big pause as car wash kicks in full force)

Nick: "Whoah, NOW I’m scared! It’s like a giant squid is trying to attack me!"


Alright, so here’s what’s going on today (Monday). I’ll be joining Tanya Watterud on "Real Presence Live," our local Monday morning Catholic radio program. Specifically, I’ll be interviewing the renowned speaker Chief Dan Daly, who was one of the workers on the scene at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. After this life-changing experience, Chief Daly retired to commit his life to helping soliders and speaking across the country and around the world. In a couple weeks, he’ll be in Fargo to speak at a benefit to help raise funds for local soldier, husband and father, Rusty Ouart. While in battle in Iraq, Rusty received trauma to his brain, and military insurance will not cover the hopeful treatments that could bring him around to more normal functioning. There is a tremendous endeavor going on here in Fargo for the cause with Chief Daly headlining the event. Please tune in to hear Daly’s inspirational words and learn more about the efforts to give Rusty the chance he surely deserves. (Two of his children are classmates of two of my children, so we have a vested interest in the cause, but everyone is connected, considering the sacrifice he made on all our behalf.)

The interview will take place at 9:45 a.m. on AM 1280 Fargo and 1370 Grand Forks. Or, connect through your website here. To learn more about Chief Dan Daly, check out his website.

And on another note, I can’t believe it’s finally February!

What do you like most about February?