mama mondays: back, cuz mom missed me

Mama Mondays: Back, Cuz Mom Missed Me

A few hours ago, I received an email from my mother. She said she’s missed seeing my blog posts during my week-long blog/Facebook/Twitter hiatus. Well, that was it. That was my cue; like in days gone by when she would gently wake me up for school: "Rox, time to get up." After all, if your mother doesn’t miss you, what’s the point, right? "Alright Ma," I could hear myself saying back to the air. Though a bit groggy from rest, I’m up now, not even needing the typical second and third nudge like in days past. I’m up on the first attempt, ready for re-entry.

Earlier in the week, I predicted my first post after the break would contain something really profound. I even pondered a few topics that might provide a stellar comeback. But more recently, I realized that a return to the blogging world must be carried out as gently as my mother’s voice upon the awakenings of my life. So instead of a long discourse meant to change the world, I’m simply going to offer a recap of my weekend. 

But first, let me say this much about the break itself. My blogging vacation wasn’t carried out with any specific, single purpose. If my husband had high hopes the house would come out sparkling during this time of me being less glued to the computer, his hopes were sorely dashed. Nothing big happened at all. But what did happen is that I approached the little things with more tenderness at times, and with more appreciation. I started calling up names and faces of people I hadn’t talked to in a while and I reached out to them. I enjoyed the reprieve from thinking up the next cool topic. I suspect there will always be topics dancing in my head in some form or another, but the temporary pass brought some relief, a sense of calm and restfulness and less brain buzz.

That said, it’s good to be back. Thanks for sticking with me!

This weekend, I:

  • Got my hair cut — pretty short. Maybe I’ll post a photo soon. When I picked them up from school, the kids didn’t appear to notice. My oldest daughter was looking down and away when she got into the van. I had to clear my throat before she noticed. My sons didn’t say a word (a guy thing, I suspect) and my youngest daughter had other things on her mind, too. Later, though, they kept staring at me. "I like your haircut, Mom," my 6-year-old son finally said. That was good enough for me.
  • Stood in line for several hours with the three youngest kids for Swine Flu shots. It’s a little hard to explain to children why they must stand in a vast line at lunch time (hungry tummies) only to be stuck with a needle at the end of it, crying and cranky kids everywhere. "She’s a bleeder," the nurse said after blood squirted out of my daughter’s arm. She did jab it pretty hard. I felt sorry for her, but better that than having to experience a life-threatening illness.
  • Watched that same daughter a few hours earlier in her second-ever basketball game. I won’t tell you the score. I will say they could stand to improve a little. I’ll be helping assist the coach at practice starting tonight. Not saying that will do the trick, but I’m looking forward to pounding some balls with the girls.
  • Learned the devastating news that a friend from church will be undergoing surgery to help slow his cancer but that it is not looking hopeful long term. He has a beautiful family — a lovely wife and three young children. I am shocked and saddened with them regarding this bleak prognosis. Please pray with me for this family, especially on the 20th when he has surgery.
  • Went on a date with my husband. It was his turn to choose restaurants, but he bypassed his first and second choices and drove me to one of my top fives. It started the weekend off right.
  • Watched the Shanley Deacon football team win the state championship, Class AA, against Devil’s Lake. The game was close the entire time and the ending was one of those spectacular ones that could have easily gone either way. The Deacons haven’t won one of these since I was in high school. It was so much fun to see it happen! Loved doing high-5s with my daughter!

Today, I’ll be helping out on Catholic radio again, doing a little co-hosting with Tanya Watterud. Hopefully I’ll have something profound to say then, if called to that.

Wishing you all peace in the week ahead!

Peace Garden Mama