thanks and new comments policy

Greetings readers!

Firstly, I want to thank those of you who follow my blog regularly. I appreciate every time you take a few precious moments out of your busy day to read what’s on my mind. When you take another minute or two to comment, I am blessed even more, but even when you don’t, I feel your presence and your reading eyes and heart through the numbers. Though reader count is not my primary motivator for writing here, it certainly makes it worth my time when I watch reader numbers rise. This month, my year anniversary of being part of the Area Voices team, my reader numbers have hit an all-time high. The same is true for my readership on my mirror blog, the one that started it all — Peace Garden Mama at Blogger. So for this, I offer a hearty "Thanks!"

Throughout this journey, I have grown into my current formatting and schedule and hopefully that has been beneficial to you. I’ve come to understand the blogging world better and myself as well. Though I rarely see negative comments here, occasionally some slip in. I’m big on entering into respectful discussions and invite anyone with something thoughtful to say to share it. That said, as the author of this blog, I also retain the right to exclude comments that do not seem edifying or helpful to the discussion. No one is forced to read, of course. There are a wonderful array of blogs out there. If you don’t like what you see here, I encourage you to scoot along to another blog. Comments that stray from respectful or helpful to the conversation will be deleted. I also will delete any comments from "Anonymous" unless they are positive. I come from a journalism background, and notwithstanding some of today’s journalism practices, I learned to only use credible sources in my stories, and to never include in an article "an anonymous source said…" So I’m now employing that same practice here. Please, if you have something to share, I welcome it, but make it edifying, and show your face as I have shown mine.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful feedback. It has invigorated this journey for me. I don’t know that I will be a blogger forever, but as long as I’m here I want to keep things light and positive, for the most part, and to continue to offer posts that will bring smiles and hope to all of you in the writing, parenting and faith journey.

Blessings and peace,

Roxane (Peace Garden Mama)