fishing for a literate summer

I ended my author presentations this school year as guest speaker for an evening program promoting summertime reading for area Native American children. Program organizers used my children’s book, First Salmon, to help rein in a net full of eager readers and craft-makers. After a light dinner, I shared my journey into becoming an author, read First Salmon, then talked with the parents about the challenges, joys and importance of helping their children become lifelong readers and writers. Included was a discussion about the new trends in reading, and how that might impact the way we help accomplish this goal. While we adults conversed, the kids worked on fish crafts in the library. The results were shimmering!

All participants went home with a signed copy of First Salmon. I enjoyed myself, and hope everyone else did as well. From what I could tell, it all went quite swimmingly.

There’s really no time like summer to read, read, read. Required reading tapers off, if not disappears altogether. Time at cabins, or in a hammock (my girls are begging me for one), or poolside all lend themselves to a good read. May yours be the adventure of a lifetime.  And make sure to stop by with any titles worth sharing, or start your own Book Challenge. It’s never too late to open a book and indulge, and it’s a privilege to do so, so…enjoy!