a day off laundry for our area

Well, here’s an interesting way for Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding cities to gather momentum for flood clean-up efforts. Procter & Gamble has chosen our area to be part of the "Tide — Loads of Hope" program. As such, a gigantic, clothes-washing truck has been dispatched to our area and is set to park here on Monday, April 29. It will remain here for about ten days, during which time, get this: Tide will do your laundry for you — FREE of charge!

The truck comes with 32 washers/dryers and the capacity to handle up to 300 loads of laundry a day. It will be staffed with four people who will work ten hours a day. The service is intended for the whole community, even those whose homes were not directly affected by the flood. It is designed to support our community in its ongoing efforts to fight the flood and help with recovery and clean-up efforts — and, yes, offer us a reprieve from our daunting laundry piles.

The truck will be located at the Hornbacher’s-Osgood store. Participants simply drop off their laundry and go. Upon returning, their clothes will be washed, dried, sorted and smelling fresh.

The service is for anyone in our area, no matter their age or how they’ve been affected by the flood. All of us were adversely affected in some way. This is Tide’s way of giving us a little rest from the ordeal that recently turned our cities upside-down.

I know, it’s a public relations tactic, but if it means I might see the bottom of my laundry pile for the first time in several months, well, I MIGHT be pulling up to that grocery store next week with the others to see what it feels like to have that load off my mind. However, if I do decide to go, you can bet I’ll be up the night before pulling the underwear from the heap. I’ll do that part myself, thank you.

More information can be found here: www.tideloadsofhope.com

And while we’re on the subject of the flood, here’s a blog that helps with visualizing the amount of sandbags that have been used in our flood fight. Pretty amazing.

My neighbor said the other day, "If you want a sandbox, this is the year to do it. They’re going to be donating all of that sand eventually." Alright, then, maybe this is the year to install a sandbox…which will mean, of course, more laundry.

Any chances of I might talk that Tide truck into setting up camp in my back yard until my kids are all out of college?